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Our story

We are a strong team of successful entrepreneurs, leading researchers, and deep tech experts. We came together in lockdown, looking for a solution to the eternal cry from hearing clients and Deaf contacts of “how do I get this interpreted, right now?" and “why can’t I have access to what is being said?”. We were also aware that we needed to do it right at a fundamental level in terms of cultural and linguistic awareness. Signapse is building technology for tomorrow that answers the needs of today.

What do we believe in?


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We are leading the way for peerless inclusive design, building the tools that make a difference. Our synthetic signers are created with the help of Deaf actors and team members who are compensated when their image is used.   

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We believe in working together. Through partnerships, the challenge of deaf access becomes approachable- focusing on the common cause with absolute transparency.

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With the community having ownership, involvement, equity, and long-term revenue generated by our products. We are leading the way for meaningful digital inclusion, building the tools that make a difference. 

Who are we?

Deaf Leadership


Marcel Hirshman


Craig Crowley


Mia Ward


Sally Chalk

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"Hello, I’m Sally. I have a background in building organisations that provide innovative services making a significant difference. Access to sign language is a really big deal for me"

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Ben Saunders

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"Hello, I'm Ben. I have a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence researching Sign Language Translation. I have been fascinated by sign languages my whole life, and love seeing how technology can help improve accessibility."

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Prof. Richard Bowden
Chief Research Officer

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"Hello, I’m Rich. I first learned to sign over 20 years ago, and computational approaches to sign language recognition, translation and production have always fascinated me. My research focuses on computer vision and AI, specifically around people and behavior.”


Peter Whale
Head of Product

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“Hello, I’m Peter. I have a strong track record of developing and delivering best-in-class software, consumer electronics products, and service solutions to global markets. I bring a real passion for applying technology to improve people’s lives." 


Alex Le Peltier
VP of Engineering

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Basheer Alwaely
Deep Learning Research Engineer

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"Hello, I'm Basheer. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. My expertise lies in the development of state-of-the-art AI techniques for sign language."


Leia Clancy
Head of Business Development

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"Hello, I'm Leia. My background is in fundraising and research. I have worked in both the commercial and third sector, always with organisations that make a meaningful difference to people's lives."


Suzie Campbell

“Hi, I’m Suzie the Friendly CFO - a financial expert with more than 25 years of experience in commercial and corporate finance.  I help early-stage companies and SMEs get investor ready so they can scale, achieve sustainable growth and have the freedom to do more of what they love. At heart, my work is all about making finance feel good for ambitious people who have traditionally been excluded from the funding world and helping them scale their businesses so the good things they’re doing in the world can have maximum impact”


Dan Phylbert
Front end developer

"Hi, I'm Dan. I'm an innovative front-end developer with 3 year's experience in implementing and maintaining pixel perfect design. Proficient in JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS and knowledgeable in most modern frameworks"


Rachel Benyon
Head of Translation & Data

"Hi, I am Rachel. I am profoundly Deaf and a British Sign Language (BSL) user. My professional background is in Social Care, mainly focusing on quality assurance. I am fascinated with signed languages used around the world and am always learning new languages. I thrive on making a difference to Deaf people's lives, and I am very excited to be able to use technology to improve accessibility."

Investment Board members


Craig Crowley


Noah Isserman


Pearse Coyle


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Press Section


University of Surrey Vice Chancellor's Award

 University of Surrey Vice-Chancellor's Award: Innovator of the Year

Surrey Business Awards 2022

Surrey Business Awards 2022

Start-Up of the Year

The Dynamic Awards 2023 Finalist

Help us make sign language accessible for anyone. We have some great laughs and are dedicated to delighting our clients. Why not join us?

See all available positions on the employment page.


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