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A New Era of Deaf Accessibility: Signapse and Royal Association for Deaf people Announce Strategic Partnership

Signapse, has announced a new landmark partnership with Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD). This partnership will ensure that Signapse has a strong Deaf Leadership at the board level, alongside the existing Deaf Leadership Board, including Craig Crowley, CEO of Action Deafness, and Marcel Hirshman, a well-known Deaf translator.

“It is crucial for RAD to be involved with an advanced AI sign language company like Signapse, which promises to be highly influential in the future.” says Mark Wheatley, CEO at Royal Association for Deaf people. “Our role is to ensure that the deaf community benefits directly from cutting-edge technology, empowering them through innovation.”

“RAD’s  values,  as part of the Deaf community, of respecting Deaf language, identity, heritage and diversity, delivering services that people really want and need are perfectly aligned with ours.” says Sally Chalk, CEO and Co-Founder at Signapse. “We couldn’t be more pleased and proud of this partnership. We want to thank everyone that was involved in making this happen and to the wider Deaf Community in believing in us”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Best team.  Building a team comprising “best in class” talent. This team of investors, staff and Community members means we can deliver fantastic quality sign language using AI/tech for the UK Deaf Community.  

  • Linguistic and cultural integrity. The key driver of this is ensuring that the linguistic and cultural integrity of sign is front and centre of everything that we do.  

  • Fostering Britain’s excellence.  The British Deaf Community, along with British investment and grants  can lead the way. Together, with our friends over the oceans, we can ensure our vision of access for 7M global sign language users becomes a reality

This new partnership will facilitate the creation of a world-spanning product.  “Translating all the world’s words into sign”, can become a reality. 


About Signapse:

Signapse is a Sign Language translation software company that uses Generative AI to achieve photo-realism and accuracy to provide greater accessibility for the Deaf community. All of the world’s digital information currently exists in a written and audible format. Signapse won’t stop until all this information is automatically available in Sign Language. 

Visit to learn more about their AI powered Sign Language translation software.

About Royal Association for Deaf people:

Founded in 1841, Royal Association for Deaf people is one of the oldest charities working with deaf people in the UK. Celebrating deaf culture and community is an essential part of what they do. With deaf people, and in collaboration with others, RAD innovates and delivers services that deaf people want and need. Their vision is to create a future of opportunity, achievement and equality for deaf people.

RAD provides a wide range of services to support deaf people to live independently, with equal access to information and opportunities. They deliver award winning Deaf Awareness training, accredited BSL courses and bespoke Consultancy services for individuals and organisations who wish to ensure they are accessible to deaf people.

For all RAD press enquiries, please email or call 0300 688 2525.



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