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Breaking Barriers with our AI Sign Language Translator

Welcome to Signapse! We are so pleased that you found us. I am a synthetic signer. I was built to work with you to turn your words into sign language quickly and with no fuss.

We have developed real-time sign language translator software

We are a team of Deaf and hearing people; entrepreneurs, engineers, and researchers. We build artificial intelligence solutions for clients who want access to sign language translation and interpretation. Announcements in public spaces, websites and videos can be inaccessible if you are Deaf and struggle to understand audio announcements. As sign language is the first language for most Deaf people, even written text is often inaccessible due to the difficulty of learning a written language without hearing the sounds. It is our job to make sure your organisation provides great access for Deaf people.

How does it work?

Meet our digital signers

You will recognise their faces;
these are Marcel and Mia.  

Signapse Generative AI synthetic sign language
Marcel Hirshman
Signapse Artificial Intelligence sign language
Mia Ward

When the content is translated into sign language, they will be who you see. They reside at the bottom of the page, translating audio, text, and video for our users. All of our generated videos are photo-realistic, with appearances based off actual video footage of translators who are compensated each time their image is used commercially. More detail on our photo-realism technology can be see in this article.

If you would like to be part of this small but perfect team of signers, please get in touch. 

What are the use cases?


Signapse AI Sign Language for Transport


Providing automatic sign language announcements using the latest artificial intelligence techniques. At a fraction of the cost, at train stations, airports, or further afield - both regular and emergency announcements can be made in sign language. Available in both BSL & ASL, our announcement technology enables accessibility to Deaf passengers in public spaces.



Signapse AI Sign Language for Websites

Providing a sign language translation of written website text. Working with project partners, Microlink and national banks, we use Signapse's pioneering technology to provide accessibility to an audience of up to 80,000 Deaf people. We will be ensuring that the needs of sign language users are front and center in this project.


Signapse AI Sign Language for Videos

Video Translation

Providing a sign language translation of your video. Captioned videos are not fully accessibility for the Deaf community. We use Signapse technology to automatically add signed translations to your videos. This improves accessibility to your content, reaches a larger Deaf audience and increases impact.

Get involved with us

We are seeking forward-thinking clients that aim to build the next generation of access for sign language users. We value working with those who want to be a part of the future of equality, that are commercially astute and able to campaign and effect change from within their organisation.

If you would like to transform accessibility for sign language users at your business, please contact us.


We share values; peerless quality of service and clarity of vision that includes cultural and linguistic ownership of sign by the Deaf Community. Current organisation partnerships in the UK help us in working toward the common cause.

Click on any of our partners to learn more

Cranfield University and Signapse Partnership
University of Surrey and Signapse Partnership
University of Cambridge and Signapse Partnership
Microlink and Signapse Partnership
Action Deafness: Deaf-Led Charity and Signapse Partnership
Social Business Builders and Signapse Partnership
Deafness Support Network and Signapse Partnership
Positive Signs and Signapse Partnership
SH BSL and Signapse Partnership

If you want to join our list of partners,

We are proud supporters of the #NoBSLNoVote Campaign

Learn more about how you can support

Join our Team

Help us make sign language accessible for anyone. We have some great laughs and are dedicated to delighting our clients. Why not join us?

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