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Press Release

Updated: Sep 29, 2022


We wanted to share with you the attached press release. Signapse Announces The Launch of AI-powered Sign Language Video in the Rail Sector. Signapse is a startup transforming written text and public announcements into British Sign Language video. Signapse today announces the launch of AI-powered Sign Language video in select British train stations from October 2022. These screens will enable Deaf passengers to have full access to announcements and other information.

All our digital and human signers are Deaf themselves and we are fully committed to respecting the Deaf Community, their language and culture. If you are Deaf and are interested in being part of our team please get in touch. Plans for the future include - staff jobs in our commercial, marketing and language teams, you may be a Deaf freelancer, you may want to use our product or you may be a Deaf-led organisation and want to partner with us.

We are excited and would love you to get in touch. Please contact Guy Orlov on

Press release 290922
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