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Signapse AI Sign Language Video Translation

Captioned videos are not fully accessible to the Deaf community, who overwhelmingly prefer a sign language translation.

Signapse technology can add signed translations to your videos, using a picture-in-picture setup. With a fast turnaround, our technology is easy to use and delivers sign language translation quickly.

Adding a signed translation to your video improves accessibility for Deaf users, increasing the audience you can reach and the impact of your content.

If you would like to automatically add signed translations to your videos, please get in touch below. 

Video Translation

99% of websites are not accessible for Deaf people, who rely on sign languages for communication and can struggle to understand written text.

Signapse technology can translate your website content into sign language, making information about your products and services instantly accessible to the Deaf community.

Sign language translation can be provided for your whole website, or certain pages, and is presented via a signer overlay which can be activated by the user. Our integration process is easy, with only a single line of code required.

You can see live examples of our product on some of our client sites below. If you would like to make your website more accessible for the Deaf community, please complete the form to the right.

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Microlink - Signapse
Social Business Builders - Signapse


Signapse Transport product for Railpoint

We use the latest artificial intelligence techniques to translate transport announcements into sign language, automatically and in real-time.

Information about departures, disruptions or emergencies is typically only given to passengers in written or audio form. We make these announcements accessible to the Deaf community and create a safer, more positive and more inclusive travel experience.

Our solution can be implemented at train stations, bus stations, airports and more, making it easy to provide 24/7 sign language translation at a fraction of its usual cost. Currently available in both BSL & ASL, we are working to make the world’s public spaces accessible to Deaf passengers.

If you or your organisation would like to make transport announcements more accessible for the Deaf community, please get in touch below.


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