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Signapse’s Video Product

The internet has expanded our ability for communication, education, and innovation unlike anyone could have predicted. We use it for everything: medical care, transportation, socialising, and employment. The problem? The internet isn’t accessible to everyone. In fact, 99% of websites are inaccessible to the Deaf community, and a big part of this relates to online videos.

It is a misconception that as long as a website has visual elements or text, it’s accessible to Deaf users. Many Deaf people prefer sign language translation for videos instead of text subtitles written for hearing users.

Add signed translations to your videos with Signapse’s video product, which makes the internet more accessible to the Deaf community one video at a time.

Why Are Subtitles Not Accessible to All Deaf People?

Video content targets sighted and hearing users, which makes its design inherently difficult for the Deaf community to consume and interact with.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines guidelines recommend that every video include an alternative form of media that presents equivalent information, so many websites have adopted subtitles or transcripts for their video and audio content in an effort to increase accessibility for Deaf users. However, subtitles are not the best, most accessible way to communicate with Deaf people for several reasons:

  • Many Deaf people prefer sign language over reading subtitles.

  • Written text is not easily accessible to Deaf people who have never heard the spoken language.

  • Translated subtitles create cognitive dissonance for Deaf people who must lipread in one language and read subtitles in another language.

  • Separate video transcripts remove the Deaf community from the video entirely, depriving them of the other visual elements of communication, like facial expressions.

Signapse’s Sign Language Translation Product Improves Video Accessibility

As an alternative to written subtitles and transcripts, Signapse can add signed translations to your videos. Our services provide translation with a two-day turnaround. Your video is then translated into sign language, making information about your product, services, or brand easier to comprehend.

Signapse’s picture-in-picture sign language translations make videos more accessible for the Deaf community.

Signapse’s video product translates content into sign language in real-time video

Why Should You Use Signapse to Add Signed Translations to Videos?

Making your video content accessible to the Deaf community is mutually beneficial. Of course, it benefits Deaf users as it makes it easier for them to navigate your website.

a computer showing a presentation video shown with sign language translation in the corner

  1. Signed translations for videos benefit your business. By making your video widely accessible, you are expanding your audience and impact. Deaf users are more likely to interact with a product or service they can understand, which means further reach and higher impact of your video content.

  2. Signed translations for videos define your brand. With Signapse’s video product, you establish your brand as inclusive and accessible. You’re not only expanding your brand’s presence but ensuring that it’s represented positively.

  3. Signed translations for videos are easy to incorporate. Our team works quickly to make your videos more accessible for Deaf users. Our two-day turnaround on video translations means you get results fast.

Prioritise Accessibility Today With Signed Translations for Videos

Be a part of the change. The internet becomes a more accessible space every day, and you don’t want to be left behind. With Signapse, you can add signed translations to your videos in just two days and make your content accessible to the Deaf community. Why not get in touch with us?



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